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Official Sponsorship: the World Association of Journalists and Writers of Wine & Spirit.

The World Association of Journalists and Writers of Wines and Spirit (WAWWJ) has given the official auspices to Mediterranean International Wines and Spirit Challenge -TerraVino 2016

At a meeting in Paris - France and New York - United States, international authorities to WAWWJ Association reported inclusion of Terravino, among the TOP 20 World Competition Wines and Liquors, which provide for the World Ranking points Wine & Spirits 2017 (WRW). This contest had a 120% increase in number of samples between the first and four editions and more than 55% of wines and spirit belonging to over 24 countries, making it really a very international competition.

The Jury

The international team of judges lead by professor Raúl Castellani comprises leading tasters known throughout the world and spanning the frontiers of many countries and continents.

There aren’t many competitions around the world, where the most famous châteaux taking part, perhaps because this competition takes place in a sacred place, the land of the fathers, in Israel. It brings together winemakers from more than 20 countries.

All the best success! Mazal tov!!

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